Welcome to the WSCC lunch program (2011)

Greetings Students, Families, & Friends,

We have some exciting news to share:  Beginning on Tuesday, October 11, we will be offering a hot lunch program four (4) days a week, produced fresh in the school kitchen, and incorporating the fruits of the Waldorf School Garden.  Menus will be published once a month for Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, with the Pizza Lunch fundraiser served on Wednesdays by Class 8.  If you are interested in warm, nutritious lunches for your children you may order as frequently as you choose – daily or all year long – it’s up to you (see below).  There are no specific requirements for participation, and you may still continue to send boxed lunches to suit your family’s needs.  Of course, we hope to have high participation to help establish this program and to support and nourish the families and children of WSCC!


Each lunch will consist of all natural, organic, and sustainably sourced ingredients to the greatest extent possible.  We will utilize as much produce as we can from our garden and local community, and aim to develop the Gardening and Lunch programs in tandem in the years to come.  (To learn more about our ‘seed to table’ initiative, join us for a “Green Dreams” meeting publicized in Watermarks).  Grade Three has already harvested pounds and pounds of green beans, potatoes, carrots, and tomatoes that we have “put up” for the lunch program.

Menus will be available in Watermarks, in the school lobby, and on our website (www.waldorflunch.com).  Each lunch typically includes a main hot dish, complementary side dish, and fruit dessert.  A whole grain will be included as part of each meal.  The best available seasonal ingredients will be used, which may result in slight deviations from the published menus.  A low-sugar, baked dessert will be served once a week, usually on Fridays.  The menu will respond to seasonal changes and to some extent the popularity of meals, and we strive to provide a level of rhythm in the offerings that is consistent with Waldorf ideals.  Meals will be delivered to classrooms at lunchtime, and lists will be maintained to ensure delivery of food to appropriate students.

While we hope this will be an opportunity for children to try new foods, we understand that everyone has different tastes and dietary needs.  An alternative meal will always be available for children who try the main lunch but do not care for it: Bread, Cheese, and Fruit with either Homemade Hummus Dip & Raw Vegetables, or Vegetable Soup.  Children who have allergies or dietary restrictions and participate in pre-paid monthly or yearly lunch programs may also pre-select the alternative meal on days when other accommodations are not possible.  All meals will be nut free, and we request notification of any other serious food allergies your child may have to provide a safe lunch for everyone.  Please don’t hesitate to speak with us about this issue, as we take it very seriously.

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